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(from right) Former Governor of Lagos State - Bola Tinubu
H.E. President John Dramani Mahama
& Bishop Titi-Ofei at an Almond Event
Almond Institute choir ministering at an event
Fellows of The BoardRoom Institute,
an Associate Organization of Almond Institute
Prof. Stephen Adei,
endorsing the Almond
At the Almond New Year
Leadership Series
Dr. Joyce Rosalind Aryee,
former CEO of Ghana Chamber of Mines
giving a lecture at Almond Institute
Executive Audience
Executive Graduation for over 600 corporate and business leaders
GSGL Graduation
Dr. Ekow Spio Garbrah,
Minister for trade & industry
giving a lecture at Almond Institute


Australian Institute of Business (AIB) is a 30-year-old Business School based in Australia, offering business degrees, undertaking research, and providing consultancy services globally.

AIB was the first and is still the only private institution in Australia to be approved to confer the full suite of business degrees, including the prestigious PhD.

AIB qualifications are accredited within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and recognised by a number of international accrediting and registration bodies making the degrees globally transportable.


Being a global institution, AIB has alumni from over 90 countries and Teaching Centres in over 5 countries and 9 locations. AIB is ‘The Practical Business School’, committed to delivering courses which are work-applied, accessible, affordable and fully accredited.


AIB has been offering its MBA programme in Australia and internationally for over 10 years with high degrees of success in terms of enrolments, completion rates and graduate outcomes.

Independent learning material

AIB provides significant amounts of independent learning material, including reading material and articles, in addition to the core text for each subject, which each student will purchase. This empowers students with busy schedules to undertake significant learning outside of class contact time, when individual schedules permit.

One subject at a time

The AIB MBA allows students to undertake one subject at a time whilst working full-time. This approach is superior to the semestral or trimestral approach adopted by most traditional MBA programmes as it provides working adults with the capability to balance personal and professional commitments, while focusing on just one subject at a time.

Intensive workshops

Rather than delivering each subject over a series of one- or two-hour classes per term, the AIB MBA is offered at GSGL over three intensive workshop days per month. This allows students to plan their year in advance and accelerates the learning process.

Workplace application

AIB believes that to produce effective business graduates, business programmes must blend theory and practice. AIB encourages students to apply their learnings to their workplace, which is reflected in the subject assessments approach. Assessments typically require the application of theory to real situations a student has encountered in a work environment. The final subject is a Project, which allows students to identify and address an issue of strategic and functional importance in their organisation.

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