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(from right) Former Governor of Lagos State - Bola Tinubu
H.E. President John Dramani Mahama
& Bishop Titi-Ofei at an Almond Event
Almond Institute choir ministering at an event
Fellows of The BoardRoom Institute,
an Associate Organization of Almond Institute
Prof. Stephen Adei,
endorsing the Almond
At the Almond New Year
Leadership Series
Dr. Joyce Rosalind Aryee,
former CEO of Ghana Chamber of Mines
giving a lecture at Almond Institute
Executive Audience
Executive Graduation for over 600 corporate and business leaders
GSGL Graduation
Dr. Ekow Spio Garbrah,
Minister for trade & industry
giving a lecture at Almond Institute
Message From
The President

Message from the President:

“Thank your for your interest in Almond Institute.

The fact that you are reading this tells me something about you; that you are looking for a university that is committed to developing an elite group of leaders who can lead change, drive innovation and solve problems.

At Almond, we believe that; anybody can lead because everybody is a leader, we are committed to the development of the leadership potential of every individual on our campus. Moulding them into an elite group of leaders educated to global standards who can change their world.

At Almond, we also believe that Jesus is Lord and the Savior of the world. This we share with passion on our campus, lecture halls, halls of residence, cafeteria and any other place where we have the opportunity to share the love of Jesus.

I invite to you to join the Almond family.

God bless you.”

Bishop Gideon Titi-Ofei

Founding President & C.E.O


Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration is a series of rigorous, comprehensive business education that will churn out outstanding global corporate leaders.

The programme is designed to provide students with a range of analytical, strategic and leadership skills which will prepare them for increasingly competitive careers in business management in the corporate and public sectors. This programme offers grounding in fundamental business areas, such as Entrepreneurship, General Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, Marketing Management and Project Management.

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